Hi I'm Eduardo. This is my website. Here's my life story.
I'm a scientist, I work with single cell RNA sequencing.
I recently defended my PhD at Caltech (thesis PDF, defense).
Here's a CV if you care. And GitHub. And LinkedIn. And publications.

3D Printing

Using UCSF Chimera to 3D print proteins.
Note: ChimeraX is out and offers a much better experience.

Some 3D printing pictures

poseidon system - 3D printed syringe pumps and microscope

My 3D printing recommendations (last updated May 2020)

My Thingiverse page (mostly proteins)
And if you like proteins, check out my Pop Molecules on Redbubble.

Things and Stuff

Sovereignty Club - like futurism, for politics
Mostly trash talk; updated weekly.

Thoughts (and Actions ) on Philanthropy
(2021) An article describing what I have been doing with the Vilson Groh Institute was published in October 2021 in the Harvard Review of Latin America.

One Page Pitches - Great ideas in one page (2015 - )

Interoperability Rant (2020)
Read this if you care about a freer internet.

Walkthrough for setting up a matrix server (2019)

On the RepRap project (2018)

Philosophy of Science (2016)

Reinventing Scientific Publishing (2016)

Stuff I think can talk about for at least 5 minutes (2016)

A gene transcription simulator in Python (2016)

Non Reproducing Males and NRM Dynamics (2014)

Java Script Molecular Dynamics (2013)

Short story: The Last Move (2013)

Ramblings [malformed thoughts you shouldn't waste time with]

Website menagerie

I like making websites on a whim.
Here's a selection of the best ones, which will live forever on Netlify

derp.news - real headlines, fake news!
xenocracy.org - a sustainable alternative to democracy
Caltech Biosciences happy hour - we got 3 sponsors with this site!
Sovereignty club original landing page - started as a joke, remains one
gCALtech - daily emails with Caltech events
Soylent with students - see for yourself
Protein Bender - honestly I made it just for the logo
Decentralization Club - we never did much, other than entering the matrix
ChatBread - the future of chat?
Dylan 2020 - almost got Dylan to run for congress with this one

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